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About us


Owners Cherven and Mehret are dedicated to bringing authentic international flavors to Kansas City. Focusing on high-quality ingredients and homemade quality, Mesob is a unique and flavorful experience.

Head Chef and Owner: Cherven Desauguste

From home kitchens in Haiti to hotel fine dining, Head Chef Cherven Desauguste develops dishes that delight your senses. Cherven subtly builds and balances bold flavors so that each bite is worth savoring. Using his dexterity and artistic flair, Cherven plates meals that are as beautiful as they are delicious. Visit often- Chef constantly creates seasonal specials to ensure you have an exceptional and memorable experience each time.

Owner: Mehret Tesfamariam

Eretria-born Mehret Tesfamariam brings warmth, quality, and comfort to Mesob's Ethiopian dishes. She crafts each meal with homemade care. Mehret can be found simmering stews in the kitchen or laughing with guests during cheerful exchanges in Amharic. Dishes like the Asmara pasta coupled with the Mehret's welcoming and relaxed Ethiopian vibes make a meal at Mesob feel like dining in the horn of Africa.